How To Fall In Love With Someone You Don’t Love

how to fall in love with someone you don't love

How To Fall In Love With Someone You Don’t Love

How to fall in love with someone you don’t love is not the right way of putting. Maybe it should be rewritten as “how do I make someone who doesn’t love me to fall in love with me?” All the same, I am 100% sure that you are here because you love someone. However, this person doesn’t want to requite your love. You have spent sleepless nights thinking about him. However, the more you show him that you love him, it is as though you are pushing him further away from you. Woman, do not continue in this kind of emotional mess. If you are already in a relationship with him, and you feel he doesn’t love you enough; there is something that you can do about it.

What I am actually referring to is a spiritual way of solving a problem

From the very beginning of time, human beings have often faced problems that are beyond their control. From pestilences, floods, famines to droughts; there has been a long list of calamities that man has faced throughout the many centuries of his existence. However, in the face of these problems; man discovered that there is actually a power that he can resort to; the power of the gods and spiritual entities in another world of life. He also discovered that within himself, there lies a spiritual power that he can harness to his advantage. One of the potential items he discovered was the power of bodily fluids like semen, blood, and saliva. So, one way of how to fall in love with someone you don’t love is to use a bodily fluid like semen in a ritualized spell to help you achieve your intentions.

Today, I shall talk about how you can someone love you by using semen or sperms

The love spell with semen is more of a sex spell than it is of love. This is because it is mainly focused on opening the chakras of individuals. A man’s sperm has a meaning more than we know, and that is not only the end of the sexual act, but the expulsion of the liquid that gives life. It is for this reason that he possesses an incredible amount of magical energy. What can the spell with semen do for you? As I have already mentioned, the love spell with semen is a kind of spell. Of course, we are talking about sexual attraction, but not love. Using it is one way of how to fall in love with someone you don’t love or rather make someone who is not responding to your love advances to finally do so.

To execute this enchantment, you will require the following:

  • Your blood
  • Semen from the man you plan to sexually bind using a spell
  • Your saliva, mainly the one in the morning.

How to bind someone sexually using semen

To perform this ritual with semen, you need the moon to be in its waxing or full stage. The blood and saliva have to be in a muddy cup and you must pronounce the following sentence:

“May the burning of his body and the passion of my blood ignite love, the love of (names and surnames of the person). Make him passionately fall in love with me. Make him always want to be with me. Make him love me in bed, both at night and during the day. Make him want me desperately, that my body is under his, and that we both wrap ourselves in the sweetness of sex. Liquid of life, call (names and surnames of the person) to me (your names and surnames). I seal this with the greatest sweetness of my soul. So be it”

After you have finished saying the prayer, mix all the content that is in the clay cup with a little soft alcoholic drink. It can be wine. Serve the drink to your man so that he can have a sip of it. One aspect to take into consideration about this spell is that you should know that the love spell with semen is a permanent spell. For this reason, it will last for all eternity, as long as certain events are not carried out that could break it, such as another spell, some cleaning or anything else. It should also be noted that this type of enchantment where semen is used has to be done carefully because since you and the other person have to drink the potion. You have to place the semen in the refrigerator to keep it and not out of it. Once the spell with semen is performed, you cannot have sex with that person for at least 2 days, and you must keep some distance within that period. Using this semen spell is one way of how to fall in love with someone you don’t love or rather make someone who doesn’t love you to love you with all the craze.

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