Love Prayer To Improve Your Love Relationship

saint cipriano prayer

Love prayer through Jesus to bind love

“Dear Father in Heaven,
First, I would like to thank you for taking care of me since I was a child.
Now, I have grown and witnessed many wonderful things that you have done in my life.
Forgive my sins and write my name in the book of life.
Father, I have a problem in my relationship. My lover does not want me anymore. No matter how much I love (him/her), it seems a vile spirit has taken reason out of him. (He/she) now ignores me and is very aggressive at me all the time. Lord, this is a sign of a problem in our love. Now, I pray that you intervene. Send your Holy spirit and let him touch my (man/woman) and make (him/her) to love me all the time. I believe all this believing that you will hear me, just as you have always heard me, through the name of Jesus, AMEN”

Love Prayer To Improve Your Love Relationship

Prayers are an integral part of love magic. A prayer, when said with faith to a deity, a god, goddess, God or spirit can be very instrumental in solving problems related to love and love relationships. There are different forms of prayers available. But, before you say any love prayer, you must be in position to identify the deity, god or goddess of your choice by name. In doing so, you will be able guarantee results and their fast effectiveness.

Here is a love prayer dedicated to the Lord God

Thank you, Lord, for the love that unites us!
Lord, bless that love, so that it gets newer and more creative everyday!
Renew our love and always let us restart with more enthusiasm;
Sustain us in the hours of crisis and difficulties,
Give us the heart to understand the people who walk by our side;
And to reach out to our needy brothers.
Make us a transforming force in the society in which we live;
To be a source of peace, harmony and children of God, free and conscious, Bless us Lord, who trust in you, who trust in love and make our love world a better one.