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saint cipriano prayer

Saint Cipriano prayer by a woman for her lost lover

    Please, Saint Cipriano through this prayer full of love and devotion to you, give me this enormous power so that he completely forsakes and leaves once and for all any woman who may be inside his head or heart and come back to me declaring love side.

    San Cipriano take away from (I now give the full name of him or her) any person, let him do everything possible to find me in every hour and minute today and right now desiring me and wanting to be by my side forever, so that I am his only woman and I am perfect for him.

    Earnestly invoke saint Ciprian to come to your rescue

    San Cipriano love prayer for lost love to return worked for this woman. This is what she had to say. My husband left his children and me because he had met another woman. After 2 months without knowing anything about him, I contacted my spell caster and got him back to our side completely in love. Who recommended this powerful Saint Cipriano prayer for lost love to return. I must say that I did not regret doing what I did. All I wanted was to have him back. That is why I am here to recommend it for you who is undergoing pain right now.

    Prayer for love to come back – San Cipriano di Antiochia

    Prayer for love to come back to you through San Cipriano the patron saint of the magic arts or those that have been victims of the magic arts like voodoo, black magic or white magic.

    To bring back love or your lover into your life again, earnestly say the following prayer to Saint Cyprian of Antioch.

      “Dear Saint Cyprian of Antioch, I, with deep sincerity and conviction plead before you to send love my way. Bring back my lover with full love, affection and commitment to me. Make my lover see no other partner. Bind our souls permanently so we may, for eternity busk in health, love and family. With your power and mighty greatness, so mote it be.”

      The above prayer is a powerful prayer to get your ex-lover back to you within a very short period of within 5 days. The prayer must be said at dawn and dusk everyday for at least 7 days.

      This powerful oration to saint Cyprian works.

      • Dear Saint Cipriano, make……now
      • say the name of the person, you can also light a candle in addition to repeating this effective sentence and write on the candle the name of the person you want to return)

      • to return to me right now and be behind me……
      • (your full name)…

      • Please make him come crawling, in love and madly in love with me, with a strong desire for love, begging me for pardon and ask me for a long and romantic courtship ending in a beautiful and memorable wedding.
      • End The prayer by thanking Saint Cyprian

      • I thank you Saint Cyprian through this sincere effective prayer for working on my important request in my favor and I assure you that I will spread your name as a thank you to be striving to the maximum to bring me the love of ….to my arms.
      • So be it.

        I always recommend having an image of the saint Saint Cyprian clinging with both hands and looking at it as you say this effective and powerful prayer.

        Another prayer that’s also very effective for returning your ex lover to you is the St. Helena prayer for love. Saint Helena is the patron saint of new discoveries. In the field of love, Saint Helena makes you bring freshness into your love life, makes you discover new ways to love and new partners that are your soulmates. Although, her feast day is 18th of August as per the Roman Catholic Church, St. Helena can be invoked on any day of any month with a few preparations as follows.

        The St. Helena prayer for love…

        Light 9 candles and set them before you. Light another 8 and put in a circle then face the 9 and say the following prayer to St. Helena for love. For great tranquility, burn some incense too if you have.

        “St. Helena, with deep sincerity and devotion, I ask you to grant me love. Send my way in equal measure the love I send others’ way. I offer my heart and soul to you to bless with abundance of love for eternity. I am filled abundantly with love because of you. May I be loved like I love, so mote it be.”

        After this prayer is said, meditate for another 3 minutes calling your way the name of your lover or the person you want in your life.
        After that is done, you may blow out the candles or allow them to burn down completely.

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          Oración de San Cipriano en español

          Oración de San Cipriano de una mujer por su amante perdido

          Por favor, San Cipriano, a través de esta oración llena de amor y devoción hacia ti, dame este enorme poder para que abandone por completo y se vaya de una vez por todas a cualquier mujer que pueda estar dentro de su cabeza o corazón y volver a mí declarando su amor.
          San Cipriano quita a (mencionar el nombre completo de él o ella) a cualquier persona, déjale que haga todo lo posible para encontrarme en cada hora y minuto hoy y en este momento deseándome y queriendo estar a mi lado para siempre, para ser su única mujer y que sepa que soy perfecta para él.

          Oración para que el amor regrese – San Cipriano di Antioquia

          Para traer de regreso al amor o a tu amante a tu vida nuevamente, di sinceramente la siguiente oración a San Cipriano de Antioquía.
          “Querido santo Cipriano de Antioquía, yo, con profunda sinceridad y convicción, te suplico que me envíes el amor a mi vida. Trae de regreso a mi amante con pleno amor, cariño y compromiso conmigo. Haz que mi amante no vea otra pareja. Ata nuestras almas permanentemente para que podamos, por la eternidad, buscar salud, amor y familia. Con tu poder y tu gran generosidad, que así sea”.

          Terminar la oración agradeciendo a San Cipriano

          Agradezco a San Cipriano a través de esta oración sincera y efectiva por trabajar en mi importante solicitud a mi favor y le aseguro que difundiré su nombre como agradecimiento por esforzarse al máximo para llevarme el amor de….. a mi brazos.
          Que así sea.