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beauty spells


It often happens that one is inadvertently attracted to someone who doesn’t have any feeling for them. This attraction may be such that it reaches a level that virtually makes someone to become crazy. You may feel that the name of that person always rumbles in your mind. As soon as the person passes by, you swoon. This happens without the person’s attention. It could also be that you asked for love from the person and you were rejected. However, you still could be having that feeling that you were made for him or her. There are two ways to get rid of it:

Body cleaning: Boil two litres of mineral water in a saucepan and add three handfuls of coarse salt to it. Take a bunch of parsley, soak it in the preparation and use it for washing your body, starting from the left side. Repeat this operation three times per day: once in the morning and twice at night. Each time you finish the task, put parsley in the pan, sprinkle with gasoline or any inflammable and burn it (always with due caution). Dispose of the ashes down the toilet. Do it for 7 straight days. This simple love spell is truly effective and works as soon as it is cast.

The Red candle spell: Buy two red candles. In one, write the name of the person involved, starting from the wick to the base. In the other, write your own name starting from the base to the wick. Light the first candle bearing the name of your “adversary” or the person you are falsely attracted to while saying the following incantation:
“You have broken my heart; I have no choice, our bodies will never wax”.

When the above candle is half consumed, light the one that bears your name while reciting the following incantation aloud:
“My name is supreme, we are not equals, my feelings surpass yours; I know I will walk tall over those feelings because you have no remorse for my grief.”

Let both candles burn to the last inch of the wick. Collect the melted wax and wrap in a black piece of cloth. Dispose of the package in a pit latrine and spit into the pit. This red candle love spell is an easy love spell recommended for those who have some experience in casting love spells.

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