Prayer To Remove The Spirit Of Anger From A Person

Prayer To Remove The Spirit Of Anger From A Person

A powerful prayer to remove the spirit of anger from a person. When people reach a state of alteration and lose control of their senses, they can commit serious acts that carry negative consequences or utter bad words that only serve to fuel animosity and commitment of grievous offenses. To avoid these cases, you can pray to calm an angry person. Is praying to calm an angry person a good idea? Any type of prayer can be done at the time it is needed and more when each one is made for a specific case. There are people who normally set aside a few minutes to pray, but in scenarios where prayer is required, it can be done because they are the only resource we can use to get out of certain circumstances.

Therefore, the prayer to remove the spirit of anger from a person can be said when we feel that a person is in a state of aggressiveness and we want him to calm down.

We can do it alone, as a family, and even with our friends. However, doing it alone is the best way, since it is when we have the most open heart to speak with our Lord and feel his presence. What is the prayer to remove the spirit of anger from a person? Here is it!

“My Lord Almighty, my spirit is disturbed; panic, fear and anguish are taking over me. I know that this happens because of my lack of faith, of the lack of your holy hands and of sometimes doubting your powerful and infinite power. I ask you Lord to forgive me and to increase my faith. I know that I am afraid, because I beg you for my misery, to remain counting on my weak strength, with my miserable resources and methods. Forgive me, Lord, save me and help me to remove this anger from (person’s name), I ask you oh my God. Give me the grace of faith, help me to only trust you, not to fear danger because you are with me always. I feel abandoned and alone, and there is nothing or no one who can help me, except from you Lord. I let myself fall into your hands, Lord, in it I entrust the paths of my life, the direction of my destiny, and I leave the results in your hands. I believe in you my God, help me to increase my faith. I know that the Lord who rose on the cross is always by my side and will not let anything happen to me, that is why I ask my God to free (name of the person) from all fury, annoyance and bitterness that may arise in their life.”

Frequently asked questions about prayer to remove the spirit of anger from a person

Do I have to light some kind of candle or incense?: Yes! For the prayer to calm an angry person to be successful you must light a white candle after the prayer. Do I have to put on some kind of music?: Yes! It is recommended that you put on soft or spiritual music. Do I have to mention the person?: Yes! When you are praying, you have to mention the full name of the person to whom the prayer is directed.

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