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Everyone is jealous. Jealousy is a natural instinct amongst lovers. No one wants an intruder to have a piece of his or her soul mate. For the above reasons, most people often create rings around their loved ones as they try to “protect” them from snatchers. You will realize that this might be quite an inconveniencing move.
Today we present two new ways of dealing with this kind of situation. These are simple love spells that you can cast in order to ensure the maximum security of your wife or husband. We present a Colombian love spell that works. It is popular amongst the Arhuaco Indians.
Spell 1 – Garlic spell to safeguard your partner
What you need

  • Five heads of garlic
  • ?

  • five small pieces of black cloth
  • How to do protection love spells

    Wrap garlic in each sheet. As you are wrapping the garlic, you say prayers of “faith”; then wrap all of them in a small a green bag. Stealthily hide it in your wife’s bag or husband’s pocket or bag whenever he or she goes out. The talisman works to dissuade any errant intruder from encroaching into your property. It makes your partner less appealing to any encroacher.

    Spell 2 – Love spell to ward off intruders from accessing your house
    Just by visiting your house in your absence, your friends and relatives may interfere with your relationship. This easy love spell works to discourage them from coming to your house whenever you are away. Even if they come, they won’t be in position to say anything that might lure your partner into falling in love with them.
    Herbs to use

  • Cloves
    • hypericum (or St. John’s Wort)
    • and

    • pepper.
    • What you ought to do when casting protection love spells

      Roast or burn 5 cloves, in a suitable container. Add 5 Hypericum branches and 5 grams of pepper. You can pulp it and store in a glass container.

      Magical Use: The “burning” protects against bad vibes that negative people might want to bring into your house. The smoke purifies the air in your house, so you must perform the ritual in the environment where people often sit in your house. It should exactly be done in the living room. This is one of the best spells cast by the Jewish spells caster in London.

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