sex spells chants
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A rich sexual life is very instrumental for the longevity of a relationship. Love is meaningless in the face of a malnourished sexual experience and separation is always imminent in such cases. If you are that man who is bogged down by constant failure in bed, it is time you sought some divine assistance. This spell can always make you feel energized. In addition, it must necessarily take even days.
What you need
 Sandalwood oil or olive oil
 A pinch of chamomile
 An egg
 Almond oil
What to do
When the ritual is done by oneself, one must take a full glass of water made from a concoction of a few drops of sandalwood oil, a pinch of chamomile and a yolk of an egg. This concoction must have been previously prepared in a glass and left to rest on the left side of the bedside or on the floor the previous night.
For the next consecutive nights, dip your middle finger of the left hand in almond oil, or if you lack it, use sandalwood oil or just olive oil. Then with the pad of the oil-wet finger, make two circles at the height of your heart (your skin) and seven circles on your brow (forehead – between the eyebrows). Then close your eyes and mentally repeat this incantation 12 times:
I am the heat, light, energy, vitality and strength of my body!
This simple love spell can always make you feel energized. It also makes you fit and prevents that feeling of weakness and lack of vitality in bed. If this spell is to be performed to revitalize another person or group, the procedure remains the same. However In the above case, the spell caster will make circles in the heart and brow and repeat the assertion. He or she will then put his or her attention on the person or group for which the spell is being cast.

Once the spell has been cast, the remains should be collected and must preferably be thrown into the water, eg a lake, river, sea, etc., or if you have no chance to throw them out into the water, bury them in the ground or in a pot at home. The ritual must necessarily take even days.
Are looking forward to improving your love life? Would like to complement your love spell with this quest for energy? This is one easy love spell that you must think of casting today.