Spells To Rekindle Love And Extreme Passion Using Red Candles


Spells To Rekindle Love And Extreme Passion Using Red Candles

Powerful love spells to rekindle love have great power if you perform them with the necessary faith. This faith is the trigger for the love spell to unite with you and to fulfill the objectives for which you invoked them. So the performance of these love spells must be done with the seriousness of the case. To rekindle love in your partner, which over time may have deteriorated, is very easy. In order to cast these spells, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Three red candles
  • A dress press for your partner and another for yours,
  • A red ribbon
  • A perfume that she likes and a large needle.


  1. Start by taking both items of clothing and tie them with the red ribbon.
  2. Add the perfume on both garments.
  3. With the needle write on the candles the name of both, light them and then pronounce the following words:
  4. “At this very moment the flame of love is lit to last forever.
    Me (your full name) and (your partner’s full name).
    We are united again by the power of love and nothing and nobody will be able to extinguish this new flame.”

  5. The garments must be kept awake overnight. That the candles continue lighting the garments until they are completely consumed. The first thing you are going to do the next day is grab the remains and bury them in the garden of your house or in that of a park or beach.

You will see the results in a short time.

The love in your relationship will revive to such an extent that the two of you will not stop seeing each other for a long time. You will need to be together at all times, and especially when passion ignites your bodies. It will be mornings, afternoons and nights of complete pleasure. That lasting pleasure that no one will be able to extinguish will be elicited using this love spells to rekindle love. Not even a third party trying to get into your relationship can.

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