St. Martha Prayer of Dominion of Lover


St. Martha Prayer of Dominion over your Lover

In the name of God I invoke you, spirit of Dominion, Restless Spirit and Spirit of Despair. I conjure you to help me dominate, unsettle and put to despair the 5 senses, thought, judgment and will of (his or her name) _____ for me.

I offer this incantation to the Holy Guardian Angel of (name of your lover)___, for the holy day he was born, which is (date of birth), for the day he was baptized, for the day he is to die, grant me the spirit of dominion , uneasy spirit, spirit of despair so that (name of lover)____ can neither be, nor live quietly, can not eat, sleep, drink, or walk without the thought put in him about me. Make (name of lover) ______ to think of me until (he/she) becomes desperate of me, surrenders to me and live and desire me. (He/she) should have interest and desire to see me, desperate to have me, attracted to my sex, offering me his or her wishful heart, repentant and humble, flattering me with kisses and caresses, crawling at my feet, pleading and meek and let me (his/her) master.

I call you (name of lover) ____ in the name of the spirit of despair. Come. Come spirit of despair. I invoke you so that you possess the five senses of (name of lover)____, subjugate him to my will and that only to me dedicate his faith, his love and his will. Oh spirit dominate him! With your Divine power that God has given you, make (name of lover) ____ be dominated in body and soul by me; that he cannot be in a quiet moment until he is dominated in body and soul and that he cannot look at anyone but me, that his love and affection is only for me. That my presence is needed where he is, that he cannot be calm without me. Dominant Spirit, dominate my enemies with your Divine Power that God has given you.

I see you with two, I bind you with three, I drink your blood and I break your heart. Christ avail me and give me peace. Come make (lover’s name)_____ dominated in body, thought and will. He will no longer look at anyone but me, his love and affection will only be for me, my presence will be attractive to him, my gaze will suggest to him, my voice will dominates him, my eyes will blind him and my will be his! Amen.

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