Come and let us cast our sorrows in the night of san Juan

Let us light our imaginary or royal bonfire … Let us cast fire on sorrows and miseries … Let us see how our lamentations and grievances are consumed … Let us burn our guilt and strip our shadow to see that it is indeed beautiful and magical … May our prayer be heard in all Heaven and reach the ears of all stones … Let the world know that we are tired of wandering and not feeling … Let us ask for freedom to decide about our lives and wisdom enough to use it without fear of falling, losing, hesitating and making mistakes … join me as I cast love spells on the night of san Juan.

Love Spells cast on the night of san Juan that work

We human beings are always hungry for magic and gather to get some magic on the night of san Juan… we always want to fill every day with fancy and remove the monotony from our lives. When we have spent up our enthusiasm, we look for books in the bookshelves that tell us how to change our lives. We search magical formulas in the nets to attract the loved ones of our dreams, the ones that we will die caressing: in other words, we want the passion to drive us crazy , ballast us and make us live that life that has been pending again.

We all want someone to redeem us from our sorrows

We spend our lives hiding from life, buttoning up our shirts in order to avoid being naked and then we cover ourselves because we are scared of that nakedness … We want someone to save us, get us out of the marasmus of fears that squeeze our throat, that fill our heads with thoughts, making us sad and opaque … We want to dance but we never put on the shoes or go out on the track. We aim at a thousand courses so that others who have decided to live tell us how they got it, but we know that we will never be willing to make their resignations or make the decisions that they have taken because they seem barbarous…

As human beings, we always venture on the night of san Juan

We want adventure of living room, life of closet, passion of train car, contained and drowned looking at a glass while you imagine that you live and you return home thinking that someday, that perhaps, that when you can no longer you will dare and you will be able … We drown in our sighs, we fade between our imaginary embraces and in each of the kisses without destiny that we do not giveā€¦And the night of San Juan we go crazy burning in the bonfire our lives lost, scorched by our cowardice, by our repressed desires, by that great void that inhabits us …

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