Voodoo Donuts: The Heart Of Voodoo In Snacks

voodoo donuts Portland

Voodoo Donuts: The Heart Of Voodoo In Snacks

Followers of the voodoo faith around the world often like identifying themselves with everything in a unique way. From fashion to food, voodooists are very distinctive people and for that reason, their magical paraphernalia are often unique. One of the businesses that is at the heart of promoting voodoo is Portland’s voodoo donuts. Here, magicians with sweet fingers are at the heart of making avant-garde donuts: dusted with Pepto-Bismol and glazed with NyQuil.

If you love some food with a touch of voodoo magic in it, then voodoo donuts are for you

These voodoo donuts have been made in the shape of a voodoo doll and they ooze a red jelly; as red as blood itself. Many consumers of these donuts like ordering them in bulk whenever they want to grace occasions like a wedding ceremony, a birthday party, a wedding anniversary and an engagement party. If you are that man or woman who wants to give your function some touch of voodoo magic in it, then you will find these voodoo donuts a must-order.

These voodoo donuts are also available 24/7

No matter the time, you can partake of voodoo donuts at your convenience. The voodoo donuts shop in Portland is open 24/7 and it attract droves of enthusiastic and anxious donut worshippers. Here, partakers come around to sink their teeth into crunchy, multi-flavored, chocolate-frosted treats. However, most of these customers prefer taking their treats outside for their enjoyment at the picnic tables later in the evenings.

Voodoo food might be good, but voodoo spells are better

Like I already said, followers of voodoo are unique people. They like everything that has a touch of voodoo in it. But, remember that voodoo food can only supplement voodoo spells – powerful spells that you can cast to attract love, summon protective forces, get married, bring a lover who abandoned you back, get rid of third parties in relationships and restore love and passion into your relationship. Do you like voodoo donuts? How about voodoo spells?

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