Voodoo Love Spells Using Voodoo Dolls

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Voodoo Love Spells Using Voodoo Dolls

Many people still believe that magical spells cast using olls representing people are an invention of African natives or a lost people or mulattos taken as slaves from Haiti and other Caribbean islands . There is nothing worse than this idea. Dolls commonly called “voodoo dolls” are not native to Africa or Central America, although they represent an aspect of imitative magic within Voodoo that was used in cultures as varied as the Egyptians, Jews, Romans and Greeks. A voodoo doll is what a person interested in true magic and witchcraft needs.

Voodoo dolls can help you attract and maintain love

Although this kind of magic seems dark, the dolls were part of the love spells in ancient history. In Egyptian or Hebrew history, such practices that were as common as seen today is the use of tarot. In the third and fourth centuries, Jews described spells such as introducing a letter written in the skull of a black dog to produce insomnia in the victim as a curse. That’s why you can now cast effective love spells using voodoo dolls. As you know voodoo is a practice whose spiritual roots are in West Africa. If you critically follow its popularity, you will discover that it is also widely practiced in Haiti. It is one of those religions that have changed the lives of people in the Caribbean. Worldwide, it is believed that there are more than 60 million voodoo followers.

This is how voodoo dolls work

When using voodoo dolls, the most important thing is the intention that is firm and good and fair. You can’t play with this. If a person has not done you any harm, the spirits or entities that can protect and harm go against you. The second thing to do is to feel that the doll is the link of spiritual connection with the person whose behaviour you would like to influence. If you would like to know more about voodoo dolls and love spells cast using voodoo dolls, feel free to get in touch with me.

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