Do We Force People To Love Us by Casting Spells On Them?


Do We Force People To Love Us When We Cast a Love Spell On Them?

Am I forcing someone to love me when I cast a love spell on them? The idea that many people have is that if you cast a spell on a particular woman or man to make her (or him) fall in love with you, you force him to do something against his or her will. Some would say that this is the essence of black magic, forcing someone to do something against their will. I have always seen it this way: To begin with, we are not asking someone to do something they do not want, we are simply making a wish. We do not want someone to be forced to want to be with us, we want someone to want to be with us to love us and to be loved, and this desire, from my point of view, is a good desire, from the heart. And I also think that in the event that we do a love spell with a certain evil, just to annoy or with evil objectives, this is not going to be granted. In fact, if we want to “believe” that after casting a love spell we will be forcing someone, we must also believe that we manipulate people all the time, every day, when we appear in their lives and convince them to do something they did not wish to do.

And if we think about it in detail, love is not a negative thing

We could force someone to do something that he does not want against their integrity, but in the case of love it is to do good and ours at the same time. We want all the love we have for a person to be returned to us. Anyway I insist on the second of the ideas: A love spell without an action in our control zone, normally, will not have an effect. So it is always our action that will make this person fall in love with us (the universe will just make it easy for us). Another way to think about it is this: if you can cast a love spell on someone else, someone else could do the same to you! How would you like it if you knew that the person you love is just a magician who has cast a love spell on you? For this, I suggest a better approach.

You have not fallen in love with the person who has cast the love spell on you

Instead, you have fallen in love with the person who has appeared in your life, who has spoken to you in a certain way, who has looked at in a certain way, that has made you feel in a certain way … all this is the control zone. Yes, undoubtedly the energy that was running at that moment, thanks to the love spell, made it more conducive for you to fall in love, but you have fallen in love being totally free. In fact, let’s look at the other side of the barricade: when we want to make someone fall in love we are not 100% ourselves either. The other person brings out her best attributes, hides her imperfections… Is he cheating? NO!! She just wants to make you fall in love. So, if you want to attract sublime love, then you could as well cast a love spell to attract it.

And why a cast a love spell ?

This is important. As I have already told you in this same text, the universe always tries to grant you the wishes you may have. So why is it necessary to cast a love spell? Wouldn’t it be enough just to ask the universe for it? The answer is YES, just asking the universe is enough, but not all of us are used to meditating, not all of us are used to focusing on a single thought to ask exactly what we want from the universe. A love spell makes us focus all our attention on making that wish. In other words, a love spell is nothing more than an exercise so that those of us who do not have the capacity for absolute meditation, to abstract from all thoughts and only think about asking for what we want, we have it easier.

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