Healing spells

The blue candle is commonly used in the casting of healing spells.
This spell is customised for those who are suffering from physical ailments and healing can be achieved with another person as well.

When this effective love spell is cast to cover more than one person, it is stronger and more effective. If you have undergone surgery or got involved in an accident, this blue candle spell is especially good for you.

You can also use it if you have suffered an emotional trauma – to heal it and bring happiness into your life. Since the blue candle spell does not bend any person’s will, you can cast it many times without suffering any negative consequences.

Here are the requirements for the blue candle spell

  • Light blue candle for healing mental sicknesses.
  • Dark blue candle if you suffer from physical health problems.
  • A piece of parchment that you will write your name on.


  1. First, you will light the candle.
  2. After that, concentrate on the healing energy (the blue one) and watch as it is being transformed into a ball over the burning candle.
  3. This might take a little bit of time, so you do not need to rush or force it.
  4. Let the light turn into a ball sitting on top of the flame.
  5. As soon as you envisage that, write your name or the name of the person whom you wish to receive healing on parchment paper and burn it sing the candle.
  6. After that, meditate on the energy and watch it being received by the person whom you would like to heal. And while this blue candle spell in ongoing; say the following incantation:

    “A healing heart and a healing hand,
    I send to you, in this light
    To rest upon (—name of person—)
    To heal (him/her) and this time when (he/she) needs healing
    Without any harm intended
    So mote be it!”

  7. Keep chanting this incantation until you behold the person being engulfed in this healing energy.
  8. As soon as you finish, you can close the spell and walk away. However, let the blue candle continue burning all the way out.


lost lover love spell to bring ex back
Lost lover love spells are usually cast to bring back ex lovers. They are very effective love spells with consistent results

Contact Dr. Nana for the lost lover love spell

Love spells are very strong. This is so because when two people fall in love, they emit strong energies and emotions. However, if by bad luck, there was a separation; do not spend years counting your losses.

Magic has helped people like you from the very beginning of time to heal broken hearts, restore lost love, attract love and improve passion and feelings in a relationship.

And everything can happen on the 6th day after casting the spell. However, you should remember that when you start using magic, you must take responsibility of your actions.

What you wish others might come to you threefold. So, there must be positivity in everything that you do.

Although this effective love spells will work on the 6th day, you should not use it to manipulate the will of another person. Trying to manipulate another person’s will is one of the biggest mistakes that people often make and it will never bring positive results.
Therefore, it is crucial that you ask yourself the following questions before you decide to use love spells:

  1. What are the reasons why I want my lover back?
  2. What is the depth of my love for this person?
  3. Do I truly love this person or I am just physically attracted to him or her?
  4. If he or she comes back into my life on the 6th day, won’t I regret my actions?

When you love someone, then you should consider the wellbeing of that person. Magic is a great tool for you who is wishing to have a second chance with the person who has abandoned you.

The moment you cast this effective love spells to restore the love of the person who abandoned you, it will change the way that person perceives the relationship he or she has with you. the two of you will start communicating again and there will be understanding in your relationship.

If there was a problem with your character, you will achieve transformation on the 6th day after casting the spell.
Contact Dr. Nana to cast for you this spell

Are you currently having issues in your relationship? is lack of harmony, misunderstandings and fights about to ruin the relationship you enjoy with that person?
Do not worry because you can fix all these love problems with a spell that will work on the 6th day.

I know how to handle these situations and I can help you put your love life back on track using a spell that will work exactly on the 6th day!


bring back lost lover immediately

Venus is a goddess that governs the field of romance. She radiates with a lot of romantic vibrations and anyone whose star sign is Venus usually behaves romantically.

If you are in a relationship that is devoid of romance, a love spell through Venus the goddess is what you need to initiate romance into your life or get rid of a romantic problem.

Soon, you will start enjoying lots of love and passion in your love relationship.

Powerful Venus the goddess love spell to invite romantic love into your life

Venus is the second planet next to the earth. It moves around the earth every 224.7 days. The planet derives its name from the Roman goddess of beauty and love.

It is another planet whose brightness is only second to that of the moon. The magical vibrations that Venus creates are very powerful and for that reason, they are often invoked during the casting of love spells.

If you are having problems in your love life – fights, disagreements, low levels of passion, third party interferences or lack of commitment; you can present these issues to Venus the goddess.

Soon after casting the spell, your lover will start showing deep love and commitment to the relationship. Are you interested in this Venus love spell through Venus the goddess?

You can send me a message for more inquiries or to order the spell. All I’ll require from you is the name of your lover, his or her date of birth and YOUR OWN date of birth.
In case you have any handy photos as well, you can email them to me so that I can present your love problems to Venus the goddess.


Free love spells
Free love spells on this site are designed for you to test your prowess in spells casting. For beginners, there may be hurdles but am always there to assist where I can.

There are different types of effective love spells. There are those that require elaborate materials and requirements before casting them like candles, incenses and special oils.

Some of these spells also manifest their results quickly while others take time to do so. In addition, there are love spells that can only be handled by professional casters while there are also those that are easy and can be cast in the comforts of your living room.

Love spells free online are simple spells designed to solve simple love problems like attraction of love, increasing the intensity of love and eliciting passion in the relationship.

From the ancient days, love spells casters having been performing love rituals in different ways. There are those spells casters who seek God’s power and benevolent spirits while some of them invoke powerful spirits from another world.

In addition, some love spells casters mix up both black and white forces in casting love spells.

Most of these spells require elaborate materials, while the love spells free online may not even need any ingredients.

Here are some of my effective love spells free:

Free love spells free using the power of imagination

free love spells

If you have never done so, you will be surprised to behold how the power of imagination can be transformed into a spell.

You can start my imagining sensations, colours, sounds and concepts or anything that you believe can bring out your desired results. However, when you choose this mode of spells casting, you will have to clearly specify your wishes and intentions.

If you fail to do so, you won’t be able to bind the spell to your intent. In addition, it is also paramount that you put more effort into your love spells free using the power of imagination in order to be able to obtain better results.

You can also enchant love spells free

Enchanting is a process through which you can make normal things magical.

This is a very explosive spell that allows you to enchant anything for any purpose. You can do this in many ways, but the easiest is to program an item by channeling your intent into it.

After that, you can charge the item again as soon the spell starts to fade. This spell is more effective if the object being enchanted is closely related to your intention.

For example, you can use a compass to cast travel spells or a mirror for beauty spells. However, if the spell has a personalized intention other than a traditional one, you can go ahead and cast it the way you like.

Written and spoken spells

free love spells

These are the ones that most spells caster and magicians like owing to their fastness and ability to be improvised.

They are of different types and some people believe that for these love spells to be effective, they have to be lengthy and rhythmical. Much as rhyming a spell sounds good, it is in no way a guarantee for its effectiveness.

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