lost lover love spell
Lost lover love spells are cast to bring back an ex lover lover that you are interested in. This spell works very fast when cast correctly.

Have you separated from your partner and you want to attract him or her back? Have you been looking for the best ways of making this to happen?
If so, this reconciliation spell is what you need in order to make your lover reunite with you on the 3rd day after casting the spell.

The spell will reconcile the two of you and fix the relationship within the shortest possible time ever.

There is nothing that is difficult in the eyes of magic

Much as you might view this as an impossible task, I would like you to know that it is not as difficult as you think.

Magic, when used appropriately and effectively can be a very powerful tool. By using my powerful spell that works, you will be able to realise your dreams on the 3rd day after casting the spell.

With this easy and effective love spell to make your lover come back, you will be in position to make your lover to regret leaving you and want to rejoin you in the relationship again – on the 3rd day.

However, you must also have faith and conviction

Magic works best for those who believe in it. In order, there is one thing that will influence the effectiveness of this 3rd day spell: the belief and conviction that you really want your ex-lover to come back into the relationship and rejoin you.

Here is a simple 3rd day spell to make your man come back

This easy love spell to make your lover come back on the 3rd day must be cast on any night of the waning moon.
This is so because it is the most appropriate time for you to perform the ritual so that the person you love can come back on the 3rd day of that lunar phase.

You will need the following materials for this spell:

  • Honey
  • Red pencil
  • Paper
  • A red candle
  • A photo of your ex-lover


  1. Light the candle and stare at the picture of your lost love for a few minutes.
  2. While doing so, visualise the two of you coming together and rejoining each other in the relationship again.
  3. Write your name and that of your lover on a piece of paper and then draw a circle around the names.
  4. Put drops of honey on the names you have written while reciting the following incantation:

    “I cast this spell on you so you can return,
    To bind your love with mien.
    I call upon the powers of Venus, to conquer (—mention his or her name —-) again
    Love me again
    Come back to me
    And forgive me for all the mistakes I have done to you
    So we can enjoy extreme love and passion again.”

  5. Pick the piece of paper and tear it into small pieces. Wrap the pieces in a red piece of cloth and bury them where no one can have access to them.

  6. Extinguish the candle and end the ritual.
  7. Ensure that you cast this love spell to make your lover to come back on the 3rd day in absolute solitude.
  8. No one should see you perform the ritual if it is to work for you.


Victoria's secret love spell
With Victoria’s secret love spell, immerse yourself in pure indulgence in opulence as you summon the powers that be to your behest.

Creating attraction force and becoming more seductive than ever is one thing that fragrances and perfumes can enhance.

However, this is not what an ordinary perfume or fragrance can do. It is only possible when you wear a fragrance that has a touch of magic in it – the love spell Victoria secret perfume.

From the early ‘00s, this fragrance has attracted happiness and love into the lives of many people across the world.

Imagine this kind of situation

You are a student who has just come back from the field where you have been doing your exercise.
Drenched in sweat, you rush into your locker room. However, you realise that your body is so smelly that you won’t be able to sit comfortably next to your lover in class.

Worse still, the bell will ring just in three minutes time! There is no time for you to take a shower! You stink and you would like to get rid of the bad odour! The only fragrance that can save you is the effective love spells Victoria secret perfume.

Well, let’s leave the high school experience for another day
love spells Victoria secrets perfume

For now, I would like to focus on the magical properties of the effective love spells Victoria secret perfume – a fragrance that more than 2,500 users have so far used worldwide.

Many testimonies of those who were struggling with attraction issues in their relationships revealed remarkable changes after the use of this mighty love spell Victoria secret perfume.

They were able to bond and revive passionate feelings for each other – elicited by a fragrance that thousands of people have benefitted from.

If you are looking for love and would like to improve on your love attraction energies, then effective love spells Victoria secret perfume is what you need. If passion and love have died in your relationship, this fragrance will help revive it.

The fragrance is loaded with potent attraction powers that will improve your magnetism and make you the centre of attraction wherever you go. Contact me now if you are interested in my love spell Victoria secret perfume.


candle love spells
Casting spells using candles is one of the best ways it can ever be done. Candle light is symbolic and carries a lot of punching weight in the occult energy spheres.

Contact Dr. Nana using this link
Studies have revealed that human beings seem to have an overwhelming attraction to the RED colour.

That is precisely why most people wear rubies, the most precious of all gems in the world. Wearing red makes a person attractive to a mate when dating.

In the advertising world, adverts that bear a red hue often get more attention than those that have been printed in a different colour.

For this reason, it is not a surprise that red candles are the most demanded for from all esoteric shops.

First time spells casters use red candles in spells for passion and power. What else can one use red candles in spells to achieve?

  • To achieve power and fame.
  • To attract the love of a sexual partner.
  • To obtain more strength for the self and thereby become more vital than ever.
  • To draw good luck and wealth.
  • To increase the level of passion and commitment to the relationship.
  • In chakra magic for initiating contacts and connection with the body physical.
  • To get over business and love rivals.
  • To overcome a bad situation at the workplace or in a relationship.
  • Red candles are also used in spells to get rid of enemies and keep them at bay.
  • In spells to invoke the gods and goddesses of fire.
  • For spells that aim at initiating a fresh start.

Red candles are also popular in Mars-magic

Red candle love spell
Red candle love spell – It works for a variety of love issues however, it’s very perfect for generating in a man more interest in you.

Red is the colour of the planet mars –the warlike planet. In Mars-magic, we can derive courage and energy to seize what rightfully belongs to us.

Red symbolizes rage and danger. Many other cultures across the world consider red as a power of martial power and victory.
It evokes the spilled blood of a vanquished for or a martyr. The red colour also signals danger and disruption.

No matter how brutal that sounds, we should also remember that Mars is a goddess of love, not just a fighter. Its physical prowess has the capability of wooing Aphrodite and Venus, the most beautiful goddesses of love.
That is exactly why spells casters use the colour red – red candles – in sexual magic. Since red symbolizes fire, the colour also stands for excitement, anger, lust and the quickest and the sharpest emotions that human beings can ever express.

Red candles for power and protection

Since the red colour is warlike, spells using red candles are much more recommended in spells for protection.

Red fortifies and emboldens so that he is able to face any adversary. Human responses to the colour red are cross-cultural and innate.

Studies have revealed that when a human being sees red, his breathing and heart-rate increase – physiological responses which are linked to anger and sexual arousal.

Red candles in effective love spells

Red candle love spells

These love spells using red candles are recommended for those who are looking for a lifelong relationship.
In addition, if you would like to get someone laid without any inconvenience of commitment, love spells using red candles are recommended for you.

Is your relationship devoid of passionate love? Would you like to add some spice into your relationship? red candles can elicit that.

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