free love spell that works fast


Your greatest desire could be that of meeting and settling with a caring and loving companion. You do not want to be alone. The world is a busy place where everyone is running around and want to meet their own needs. You are also seeking social recognition as a responsible person – man or woman. You are one of the last survivors who is committed to spending the rest of your life with a person of your choice.

Chances are you are very sensitive – even though most people do not see that side of you. You read people very well; you know what they think and what they think of you. But because you are a very loyal and polite person, you expect to be befriended. In this context, important questions arise. Why have you had many relationships so far? Why have you been disappointed so many times? You feel you have been defrauded. You are a giver, but not a fool. And you are tired and frustrated of always being the perfect person that others don’t reciprocate. This must be changed.

You might just have to consider casting a love spell for a perfect companion; the one to whom you will give and be given in return. This simple love spell that works must be cast when the moon is at its crescent phase.

? One red or white candle
? Picture of the person you would like to fall in love with
? A red pen (fountain pen)
? White or red Wool yarn
? Sewing needle (hand) which is about 3 centimetres long

The procedure
–> Light a white or red candle
–> Get a picture of the person you love.
–> On the back of the photo, write Your name
–> Then draw a cross (a plus) on your name
–> Write your name again
–> Draw a heart around it
–> Develop any of the crosses
–> Write ” Amen ” at the base of the illustration

You will then have to embroider this picture. From the lower left corner, sew the edge of the image with stitches of wool yarn. The thread should not be black. It is best to use a white or red thread. There are many rituals that help you choose the right person for companionship. However, this is considered the simplest and easiest of all love spells that work. Within no time, you will discover a spectacular world where you can get what you want after casting this easy love spell.