love spells without ingredients
Of all the rituals that mages practice all over the world, love magic and love charms are the most used. This is so because there are many love and relationship problems that couples normally experience. Many of them sometimes get lost in the world of desperation, anguish and suffering – unable to know what step to take in order to restore love into the relationship.

However, those who have often embraced traditional wisdom and knowledge of the occult know how powerful these powers of magic can be when it comes to love attraction, maintenance and restoration of love. That is why they resort to easy love spells without candles.

These easy love spells without candles are just as effective as those that use elaborate ingredients. The difference is that they make use of the power of the mind – the mental and spiritual strength of the person casting them. Usually, a mage will cast any of these spells through meditation or psychical manipulation of energies.

By concentrating a lot and thinking about what you desire – without any distractions – you can create very powerful energies. These energies can then be transmitted to the situation that bothers you, to someone that you want or to correct someone’s behaviour. That is how these easy love spells without candles work.

Many mages have also mastered the power of the word in casting easy love spells without candles. The Bible, in the book of James, says that the tongue has the capability of setting a forest alight. Many curses often emanate from the tongue. Your wishes, desires, whims and anxieties; when put in the forms of words and voiced can be so powerful that their outcomes may be unbelievable. However, the art of mediation and impregnating thoughts with magic is what few individuals have mastered. That is why you will discover that it is only professional spells casters who can do these easy love spells without candles with a lot of competence.


love spells with papers

Late in the evening, on a Friday night (Full moon night), go to a very quiet room an set up an altar for casting the spell with pieces of paper. Drape your altar (which might be a small table) with a white piece of cloth.

For this spell, you will need the following:
4 Red candles, 2 Pink pieces of paper, Red piece of cloth, A golden ring, White cloth, Red Marker pen, Small clay pot

Draw a pentagram on it using the marker pen and place the four red candles at the four cardinal points symbolizing East, West, North and South.
Get the two pink piece of paper and write the name of the person you wand on it. Draw the shape of the heart around the name. On the other piece of paper, write your name and draw the heart shape around it. Fold the two pieces of paper together and insert it into the golden ring.

Now, tie both the ring and pieces of paper in the red piece of cloth and light the candles. While the candles are burning, say the following incantation 75 times, with desire for love and happiness.

“ Lika leku lalatum laba-laba (mention name of your lover)
Sinia salima selele salem sasolo
Mazima meket muko makabala

After the candles have completely burnt out, say a word of thanks. Keep the package wrapped in the red cloth in a small clay pot under your bed.

Why you must cast easy love spells that work

Many people often form thoughts of the characteristics they want from their future partner. But, one thing is common in all these thoughts and desires: the fact that we all want someone to love us the same way we love them.

We all want a passionate, caring, loving, compassionate, lively and strong lovers. Although we all have these character sketches at the time we start searching for love, many times it turns out that our wishes may not be fulfilled. The person you want may not be the one you had formed a character sketch about! That is why most people turn to love spells with pieces of paper.

Today, young and old people alike use love magic rituals to attract partners. This is so because love is one things that brings happiness. More so, it has become increasingly hard to convince someone to love another genuinely.

In the world of magic change your life spells, mages, spells casters, shamans, psychics, seers, tarot card readers and voodoo priests know that love is energy and not just MERE ENERGY – but a spiritual one. Since a human being himself has a spiritual component in him, he can put it to use in the same way as he does when he wants to have something done physically. The love spells with pieces of paper are cast using this ideology – the fact that you can transmit the energies of what you want into the universe and the universe will send it to you.


powerful love spells
In bringing lovers together, reunion of lovers and love magic, the rituals that mages use to achieve these purposes are of different strength levels.

They range from simple love spells, love spells, hoodoo spells, love charms to voodoo rituals and strong love spells using black magic. The powerfulness of these love spells and rituals also depends on how complicated or simple the problem is. When spells casters cast these spells, they have one basic rule: the spell used should bring harmony health to the two people involved in the relationship.

The love spells without ingredients are customised to make true love a reality

Sometimes, two people may fail to love each other because there is no understanding between – in reality, they do not understand each other because they equally don’t have love for one another.

In The Bible (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10), it is written: “Two people are better than one because they can benefit from each other. If one of them falls, the other will lift up the one who has fallen; but when one stays alone and he falls, there is no one who will come and lift him up.”

“Again, when two people share a bed, they can warm each other; but how can a person obtain warmth when he lies on his or her bed alone?” And if a man attacks another who is alone, two people shall stand up against him, and a third will join, form a cord that cannot be broken quickly.”

Love spells without ingredients can be one way to make your love dreams come true. By “without ingredients”, I mean that you may not need candles, oils, incenses, body effluvia or any other ritual materials in order to attract or bring back lost love. For example, you can simply pray to God to bring the person who has abandoned you back or make that man or woman to revive his or her feelings for you.

Do you have a problem that is bothering you in your relationship? Do you feel sick and experience a total lack of energy? If you have tried with all your strength and might to make that man or woman love you in vain, contact me so I can help you solve that problem.


tarot cards
Powerful love spells using tarot cards involve the use of clairvoyance, fortune telling and tarot card reading.

What is the benefit of using tarot cards? Tarot cards are useful because it helps the person using them to see the circumstances of the person suffering from the karmic and spiritual perspective. This then makes it easier for that person’s problems to be solved. If you would like to know about the future of your relationship, card reading and consultation is the first most recommended thing for you.

I offer counseling services and problem solving with the help of astrology, tarot card reading, runes and other magical means so that you can pave the way of your future. Through astral level and clairvoyance, I can help you shape a life, love relationship or romance with more balance, peace and joy.

When you contact me, the first analysis and counseling regarding the problem which is afflicting you is free of charge. Here, I simply answer any one simple question regarding your problem. However, if you are a client who desires a detailed analysis and instructions that will help you sort out the mess in your life – health, love, love, money, work – you will be required to pay for the service.

Love spells using tarot cards incorporate card reading. Through fortune telling and card reading, I can predict your future or that of your relationship so that you can prepare for certain events and eventualities – be they good or bad.

But, remember that I do not have the power to change everything that will happen in the future. There are things that have to happen and as a magician, I am supposed to exercise the highest degree of honesty. We all are not the same and the same applies to all situations. I only look for the forthcoming events in your life and advise you about why they are to happen and how you can face them.

Are you currently held in a state of confusion and you do not know how to approach the future with confidence? I can help you know about the future so that you can formulate a guided approach as you await the happening of those events. Think of the many things you would have had different approaches to, had you known what their results were going to be! Now, you no longer have to bother yourself about them. I am here, waiting to assist and guide you.


hoodoo love spells
Hoodoo love spells love spells are very much similar to white magic spells. They follow the same rule: magic should be done for the benefit of all. All living creatures, in whatever form they may be, are moved by love. In other words, it is very correct when one says that love is as vital as air and water. From ancients, hoodoo love spells have been used with the purpose of returning lost love or attracting the love of a soul mate

In theory, we all have the capability of doing charms and spells, since it is believed that all human beings have some element of magic in them. The effectiveness of magic only depends on the method you use for channeling energy from natural elements or from the universe. Although people can talk of hoodoo love spells, black magic spells or white magic spells, magic doesn’t have any specific colour distinction. The colour stereotypes that you often read about are human creations – a distinction that is sometime prejudicial and unfair.

When to talk to people about magic, they will straight away tell you that magic is bad. However, that is not really so. The badness of magic, like I already said, is a mentalised, prejudiced and diabolized version that the Hollywood movies try to portray. In reality, its goodness or badness can only be determined by the intentions of the person using them. Furthermore, it is karmic in a way – every action as a consequence and you can pay a price for whatever you.

Hoodoo love spells are some of the most powerful rituals because they resonate with the most intimate and the deepest desire of human beings – LOVE! For this reason, users are particularly advised to be cautious when using them because their risks can sometimes be graver than the desired effects.

Practitioners of hoodoo love spells believe that love magic should have only one end – the attraction of positive energies of love, passion, desire and lust. If they are cast to fulfill desires and whims that are contrary to the above intentions, they can only end up evoking love and passion that might turn out to be destructive.

In this case, the one who cast the spell could have contradicted the initial intentions of the spell, thereby working against the natural laws of cause and effect. This is usually what causes devastating consequences.

That said, you should never refrain from trying hoodoo love spells

hoodoo love spells
Before you start casting hoodoo love spells, you should first erect an altar in a very suitable place. This should be a place that doesn’t experience constant intrusions, interruptions or crisscrossing of energies. The altar can be a wooden board, a chair or a table. While erecting this, you should be very serene, quiet, calm and having only appositive attitude.

You can then make a simple statue that represents a man and a woman conjoined, embracing or hugging. This, you can buy from an esoteric shop. However, do not use a photograph in the process of casting this spell. you can just acquire a simple red candle was statue. Red is the colour that most mages use in love spells casting and for this reason, it must find its way on your altar in the form of a candle.

In order to link your energies with the universe, find symbols that represent the for natural elements and put them around the two candle-wax statues, each at the four different cardinal points. A tune for air, a white candle for fire, clean water in a small bowl and a handful of soil from a jungle or forest.

To start this hoodoo love spells, light the candles and meditate deeply as you see a fireball of love energy being created. Once the fireball has been created, transfer it to the person you love and imagine that person coming around to hug and kiss you. strengthen the energy of love through your meditation and once you feel deep inside you that you have received it, end the spell with a word of thanks to the entities. Pick up the candle remains and put them under your doormat. Keep the statue under your bed until that person comes and starts loving you.

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