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Sometimes we get closer to finding a true love. However, many factors may stand on our way to success. This could be interference from the family and relatives of our catches, bad luck and other factors like relocation from the place where we initiated our romance. When this happens, we often plunge ourselves into regret, melancholy and emotional suffering. The good news is that you can always get your way through this situation using a love spell.
This spell can only be cast if that person has loved you once, or has had strong feelings closer to love for you. If the person was dissuaded from loving you yet he or she had some interest in you, this easy love spell is what you must cast. It could also be that the person has feelings for you but you realize they can’t openly disclose such feelings. However, you must do this on a single person. If the person is already married, the spell may present some challenges that you may not like later.
What you need
–> 1 apple
–> 1 Cup of water
–> 1 Pink candle
–> A Piece of wood or a handful of earth or stone (any element representing earth)
–> 1 Feather ( Should be natural and from a peacock or an ostrich)
The process
This love spell must be cast on the first night of full moon. Take a shower so that your body is free of bad vibes. It also recommended that you perform the ritual in your bedroom which is a more intimate setting. Order it before and thoroughly clean it, prepare a table and put all items on the table.

Every time you take a bite of the apple, visualize your loved one, and say:

“……Name……, this bite going to make you remember the love you had for me … with this bite, you are going to remember how happy you were with me … with this bite you will feel sadness for letting me go …”

Never eat the whole apple. Once you have eaten it half way, retain the other half for the second part of the spell. In the second part of the ritual, take bites from the fruit while spitting it into the glass container. Recite the following incantation when doing so:

“You spat me out of your life like this sweet apple … you made my life ache … I was nauseated by your actions … but I still love you …come back to my life”

When you have finished, add a handful of soil into the class, stick a feather into the glass containing the soil and burry in the backyard while saying the following words.

“The past, herein I burry in the soil … this feather will make us fly destination with a revived love … the earth to renew and replenish our old love…so be it”
This simple love spell is one of those free love spells that work. It highly recommended for starters.

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