voodoo return lover spell

Everyone wants to have a romantic relationship that grows. A growing relationship can be fun all the way from dating and ensures a long lasting one. A relationship that surpasses the peak of romance and happiness is an ideal one. It is even better when sexual intimacy and attraction reigns over it.
However, in the current world; the commercialization of love and relationships has struck a blow on the growth of relationships. Women and men want partners in high ranking social positions. Others jilt their partners as they strive to climb high in the social ladder. You might be a victim soon unless you do something. This can be controlled using this simple love spell.
What you need

  • 2 Dolls
  • Ritual ribbon (red)
  • Haitian mooring
  • 14 cloves
  • magnet male
  • female magnet

5 red candles
What to do
Soak the two dolls throughout Haiti mooring (baptizing and giving a name to each). Later on, write the names on each of the dolls. Tie the magnets around each of the dolls with corresponding genders. Bind seven cloves around each magnet. Place or arrange the two dolls such that they face each other.
Tie seven knots on the ribbon and use it for binding the two dolls. Light up the red candle and watch it burn meditatively as you fancy a situation of stable growth in your relationship. Keep the dolls in freezer wrapped up in an aluminium foil for 3 weeks. Remove and bury in a large pot where you will plant one perennial flower. As the plant grows, the love between the two of you also grows with it.
Caution must be taken to ensure that the plant continuously grows. Should the plant dry up, another love spell must be cast in the same manner and a fresh plant planted to the effect. This is a version of free love spells that work fast. It must always be cast on a Friday afternoon in the full moon phase.

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