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Many relationships today, although built from a strong foundation of love, lack the real ingredients of love. These relationships are ruined by constant wrangles, quarrels, bickering and fights that leave them in shambles. At this rate, you and I must take every precaution to ensure that our relationships stay intact, safe and peaceful.

Have you been in an abusive relationship? Do you want to keep it? Is your spouse nagging but beautiful? Is he the one that wants to dump you for another woman? Never give them any space but rather tie them up! You need to cast this simple love spell today.

This home tie is recommended for married or cohabiting couples who are experiencing love problems. It could be that their spouses have lost interest in them, are violent, want to run away or have lost the fire of love. To avert all these imminent possibilities and have permanent solutions, you must cast this version of free love spells that work fast.


What you need/ Ingredients for casting the spell

  • Two red candles
  • A red tape
  • A ribbon
  • Some perfume (spray)
  • A sewing needle (hand)

The process

  1. Spray some perfume on yourself.
  2. Pick the red candles and write the name of your loved one on one.
  3. On the other candle, write your name with a needle.
  4. Tie the two candles with the red tape and spray some perfume on them.
  5. You should then light the candles while reciting the following incantation.
  6. “At the moment, I turn on the flame of love that will last forever. I….. And……… (Mention names) will be joined by the power of love and warmth of home forever”

  7. Once the candles and the red ribbon are totally consumed, ensure that you burry them, together with the needle, in the garden.
  8. It is highly recommended that the ritual items be first housed in a small clay pot or any clay vessel before being burried. This easy love spell should be cast on a Friday night during the full moon phase.
  9. The following day after the spell (Saturday), treat your partner to an outing and pamper him or her.
  10. Never flirt with any other person and keep at home the whole weekend. Friday is a day dedicated to Venus, the god of love. Burying the candle wax after the ritual symbolizes the permanence that your love will take. What are you waiting for?

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