How To Make Him Desperate To Be With You Forever

How To Make Him Desperate To Be With You Forever

I am very sure that you are here because you would like to learn how to make him desperate to be with you forever! You want to share the kind of love that gets deeper and deeper every day. You want to be happy with him at all times, no matter what the circumstances may be. The kind of love you are yearning for is one that will never present doubts in your mind again – where you believe he will be with you till eternity. Well, the truth of the matter is that he can love you to the ends of time, but doesn’t guarantee that you won’t ever have doubts in that relationship again. If you think you can ever try to remove doubts from that relationship and ensure it works, let me assure that won’t happen. But, there is something you can do in your quest to know how to make him desperate to be with you forever – especially when things seem to be getting rocky between the two of you.

To begin with, you have to ensure that the two of you are compatible with each other

A relationship can only last longer in the event that the two people involved in it are compatible with each other. Things can work between two people, even in times when everything looks tough and the relationship is threatening to crumble. But, then, the question to ask is: how can one find a compatible partner and how do you get to know if the two of you are compatible? The first question to ask is: are you often honest when the two of you are with each other? Do you find it easy to be around each other? Do you often fight each other when the two of you are around together? If you can give honest answers to such questions, then you will ascertain whether the two of you are compatible with each other or not because that is one way of how to make him desperate to be with you forever.

    But, being compatible is not just enough

    You should also be the kind of person whom a lover can confide in. if he has confidence in you, then it will be possible for the two of you to develop a bond that lasts for long. Your man has to feel safe every time he tells you things. That virtually implies that the two of you should continue speaking the same language – the language of honesty. On the other hand, you should also be aware of the law of return: you receive what you give. If you give love, you will receive love in return. If you show a cold shoulder, then you should never complain if your man shows you a cold shoulder too because one way of how to make him desperate to be with you forever is by being good to him.

    But, have you been doing your best yet your man keeps ignoring you?

    Now that is a very serious matter and this case, human wisdom cannot help. If you have often given him the confidence to believe that you are honest, truthful and maybe even compatible; yet he cannot bestow the degree of love you want upon you, then you must do something up your sleeve. Today, I shall talk about how you can use spirituality to know how to make him desperate to be with you forever. By spirituality, I mean the use of love spells and spiritual invocations. Love sp[ells are spiritual intervention that involve the invocation of spirits and powerful entities from another plane of life. These forces, when invoked, are capable of turning situations around and make possible what is impossible in the eyes of human beings.

    You can use his hair to influence him

    When the hair of a human being is used in magic, it takes us to the power of voodoos. Voodoo is a religion that was born hundreds of years ago in Africa and India. Using the power of voodoo, you can achieve anything you want in life. If your problem has been how to make him desperate to be with you forever, then I have to tell you that the fastest and the most effective way of doing so is through the casting a voodoo hair spell. If you would like to attract love into your life or recover love after a broken relationship, then this is the spell to use. The voodoo love spell using hair has been used throughout the world and its effectiveness can never under-rated. No doubt, if what you would like to know is how to make him desperate to be with you forever, then I can confidently tell you that this is the spell that you should apply in your life.

    Today, there are very many variants of this hair spell

    But, be that as it is, one thing I can surely assure is that it is the most working way of how to make him desperate to be with you forever. Today there are many variants of the voodoo love spell using hair. Some are simpler while others are more elaborate. But in the end, what reinforces their effectiveness is the faith and the intention with which they are applied. In this article, I am going to share the three most common love spells with hair that exist today and teach you how to make him desperate to be with you forever using spells.

    How to make him desperate to be with you forever by casting a love spells with hair on him

    When you lose the person you love, you can go through a very difficult situation. You may not even see how to make that person you love so much to come back into your arms. It is very common to feel hurt, desperate and lost about what you have to do. But, you do not have to worry about that because I am going to show you how to make him desperate to be with you forever by casting a love spell using his hair on him. This love spell with hair that can help you recover the love of your life. For this, you will need:

    • Two red candles
    • Wood Pencil
    • Rose Oil
    • Gold colored thread
    • Lavender
    • Red cloth bag
    • Strands of hair (one yours and one from the person you love)

    This is what you will do

    Take the two red candles and in one of them write your full name and in the other the full name of the person you want to recover. Take some rose oil and rub it on your fingers. Once this is done, smear the oil from your fingers both on the top and the bottom of each of the candles and when finished light them. Take the candle in which you wrote the name of the person you love and repeat the following phrase: “With the power of the elements, I baptize (name of your loved one)” and proceed to do the same with another candle but now using your name . Take the first candle again and repeat the procedure again but this time saying the following phrase “I baptize you with the power of the four elements (name the person you love).” Then do the same with the candle that has your name on it. Following this, place the candles, as close to each other as possible, on a table where no one touches or sees them for nine days. Use the gold colored thread to tie the two candles firmly in half. Take some lavender (preferably the flower of the plant) along with the strands of hair, both yours and those of the person you love, and put them inside the red cloth bag. Take another piece of golden thread and close the bag by tying it with nine knots. Take the bag in your hands and place it in front of the already lit candles. Repeat the following phrase nine times while visualizing yourself with the person you love:

    “Our love and passion will burn together like the flames of these candles.”

    This step is the most important because this is where you will be invoking the spell, that is why when repeating this phrase you must do it with a lot of Faith, conviction and feeling. Once all this is done, make sure to extinguish the candles with your fingertips and store them in a place where no one has access to them. You should always keep the cloth bag with you even when sleeping. This will make the person you love start to surrender to the spell and start thinking and dreaming about you, until they eventually come back to you. It is the fastest working way of how to make him desperate to be with you forever and come back into your arms.

    How to make him desperate to be with you forever using another powerful hair love spell

    Love is one of the most beautiful things in the world. When we feel in love we want to do everything for that person and it is an experience that we want to live forever. Everything changes around us and we are able to do whatever it takes to have that special someone by our side. Unfortunately in some occasions, we find ourselves in need of a little push to find or attract that person we like by our side. For this I am going to teach you how to make him desperate to be with you forever using a very simple and powerful love spell, which you can do every month to sweeten that special person so that he never wants to detach from you. To perform this simple but effective love spell with hair, you will need the following:

    • Fresh honey
    • Transparent container with lid.
    • Lock of hair of the person you love.
    • Lock of your hair
    • 10 candies (your partner’s favorites!)

    Pour the honey into the transparent container and insert a lock of your partner’s hair next to your lock of hair. Take a clean spoon and start stirring the contents until they are well submerged. Once you have done the above, you should close your eyes, place your hands on the container and make a prayer of love mentioning all the good things that you want to attract to your relationship. While doing this you must concentrate and visualize in detail special moments that you would like to live with your partner or those things that you would like to solve in your relationship. All this energy will be conducted in a supernatural way to the universe, using the spell inside the container as an intermediary. At the end of the prayer you must open the container again and introduce your partner’s 10 favorite candies. You stir the whole mixture again and place it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. After some time you should remove the container from the refrigerator and store it in a place where no one can find it and where no one knows of its existence. Once the spell is finished you should only pay attention to those small details that will indicate that the love spell with hair is taking effect.

      Normally you will notice that your partner is more affectionate and loving than usual. As I mentioned at the beginning, you can do this spell whenever you think it is necessary if you see that your relationship needs that little push. Do you feel your relationship has stagnated? Would you like to give it a little push? I believe with the above tips, you have possibly learnt how to make him desperate to be with you forever using magic. However, if you feel that you still need to know more about how you can use magic to make someone love you forever, please feel free to contact me now for help.

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