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What is a magic circle?

When casing any kind of spell, a magician or sorcerer makes a magic circle. This circle is a protection circle which protects the spells caster from other energetic influences that could block or harm the ritual work.

The magic circle is a very powerful symbol. Any spells caster or magician must understand that it stands for the beginning and the end, macrocosm and microcosm – the symbol of a faultless human being.

A human being without fault or any mark of imperfection and God are one. A magician or sorcerer who stands in the middle of the magic circle gets a straight connection with God and he or she manifests God’s will.

However, it is not possible to achieve this connection ONLY mentally. A magician or sorcerer can only do so through introspection and meditation, which allows him or her to decipher what his or her deeper and true nature is – and thus know that he or she and God are one.

At the beginning of any ritual, a mage should ensure that the place from where he is conducting the ritual work is safe and that no one can disrupt him or her during the spells casting process.

In order to ensure this privacy, he or she closes all the doors, puts off the telephone and performs the spell work, especially at night.
He or she also shouldn’t allow any kind of disruption by the unwanted energies and spirits. For that reason, a magician or sorcerer draws a magic circle around himself or herself.
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Spirits, unlike people, can walk through walls. However, spirits and demons cannot cross through a magic circle of protection, although people can.

The magic circle can only be created with a lot of concentration and this concentration can only be achieved through meditation – a kind of proper training that professional spells caster receive at the beginning of their careers.

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Fortune telling

is the art of predicting someone’s future through some divine powers or supernatural gift. It is the ability to foretell what will happen in the life of someone, to reveal the events that will happen a few days to come, weeks or years so that the person can prepare him/herself to face the situation.

A fortune teller – when engaged in fortune telling – can foretell the future of an individual. A fortune teller possesses natural gifts. He has some divine supernatural power that enables him to predict the future.

He or she is able to see someone’s future through psychic reading, crystal ball, palmistry or tarot reading.

what is tarot reading?
Understand the power of tarot reading and how you can use the results to adjust your life into the right energy frequencies.

What is tarot reading?

Tarot reading involves the use of a bunch of cards called “the tarot”.

When you consult an expert in tarot reading, he will be in position to tell you about your future, your present and your past.
Tarot reading has emerged as one of the most popular ways of fortune telling. However, one thing you should know is that you cannot read the tarot on your own.

You will require the services of expert in order for you to understand the meaning in the tarot cards.


palmistry online

There are gifted human beings who can study the palm of your hands and reveal what will happen in your future through that.

In fortune telling, the palm of your hand can play a great role in helping the palmist to know your destiny. The fine network of lines that are woven on the palm of a human being holds his or her destiny.
All of us do not have the same patter on of lines and through these lines, you can learn a lot about your future life.

A palm reader is a person who has a natural or divine gift in palmistry. He can predict your future by reading the lines engraved on your palm and in doing so, he can tell you what will happen in your life.
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Crystal Ball

One other way of fortune telling is through the crystal ball.

When a professional fortune telling looks through the crystal ball, he can tell what will happen in someone’s life in the future.
The crystal ball is a magic ball that many practitioners have used since time immemorial to look into the future and thus tell the person seeking suck knowledge what is in store for him in the future.

However, it is hard to look into the crystal ball on your own and discover your future. It is an expert reader who can do that correctly and properly.

Psychic Reading

psychic reading
Psychic reading is a service that I offer very regularly and it’s one that you should engage in more in order to learn more about your inner self.

The other way through which fortune telling can be done and thus our fortunes told is through psychic reading. A gifted psychic reader or an expert of the occult can read your soul and mind. He can reveal all the mysteries regarding the aura surrounding you and in doing so, he foretell your future.

In simple terms, psychic reading implies “reading your psyche” or your mind or your soul.
Therefore, with all the above methodologies, fortune tellers are able to foretell the future and allow you look through the window of your future life.

Fortune telling also allows you to know about the fortunes that abound in your future. You can know both your bad and good times and with this knowledge, prepare yourself adequately to face the future.


ancient Egyptian witchcraft
Ancient Egyptian witchcraft involves invocation of spirits of ancient goddesses to bestow upon you your requests.

Ancient Egyptian witchcraft is normally used in casting different types of spells like the love spells, curse removal spell, money spell, luck spell and the spell to bring back an ex-lover.

The casting of ancient Egyptian spells is so unique that it first involves the understanding of the problem for which the spell is being cast and then the type of spell is decided upon.

The moment the spells caster narrows down on a particular spell, he or she will customise it according to the needs of the requester.
A few things like the hair of the person, his or her clothing, urine or any other body fluid, name and date of birth will also have to be incorporated.

These materials help in connecting the individual upon whom the spell is to be cast so that they can get the most effective results from the love spell to be cast.

Egyptian witchcraft is perceived by most people as the oldest form of sorcery. It was practiced from the pre-Christian era and it is believed that it is the first form of ancient Egyptian sorcery.

Popularly referred to as Neterism or Kemetism, ancient Egyptian witchcraft follows the worship of deities and idols – a revival of ancient Egyptian religion.

Followers of this religion usually praise and worship gods, goddesses and idols. Practitioners of ancient Egyptian witchcraft also congregate in temples and covens – places where people gather to learn about ancient Egyptian witchcraft and master it.

The moon is revered in ancient Egyptian

New Moon spells
New moon spells casting are very common because they are very effective. The moon phases must be closely watched and followed with the necessary activities if results are to be accurate.

The moon is of great importance in ancient Egyptian witchcraft and because of this, followers of Egyptian witchcraft celebrate most of the festivals according to the cycles of the moon, also known as Esbats.

Since most of these celebrations revolve around the cycles of the moon, practitioners of ancient Egyptian witchcraft also use the “wheel of the year” image.
This image represents the 8 festivals – four of which are pastoral festivals and agricultural festivals.

This image also represents the 4 solar festivals and for this reason, it is made up of eight spokes in its wheel.

Spells casters and shamans who cast love spells usually cast more spells during the full moon cycles and the winter season. This is so because the moon plays an important role and it is believed that spells casters can gain much energy during the hours of 31st October to 1st November.

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